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about me


Being just a teenager, my uncle put a camera in my hand and begun to teach me the fundamentals of photography. I was introduced to a medium that has fasinated me to this day. He taught me how to use natural light, how to see things in a different way. This converted my surroundings into a play ground of sorts.  I Love exploring different ways on how to capture an object or my subject thus, making each photo take a life it's own...creating a unique style. 


Thousands of photos taken thoughout the years, from film to digital, objects, people, overall things that just grabbed my attention, I shoot it all... the world was my oyster. Many who liked my photos encuraged me to think of photography other than just a mere hobby. One day,  I was attending a boring staff meeting, I created my first piece "Mesmerize" and many more followed. One of my dearest and closest friends convinced me of sharing my art with the world and that is how J Galleria "A world of digital art" came to exsist. I am blessed to have a group of supporters that believe in me and my skills. They have helped me build  J- Galleria and I am eager to see how much it will grow. 


This is my passion... I am greatful and honored to those I get to serve, collaborate and share my art with.

                                                                                                                      Thank you...




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